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Pipe bomb found – disarmed

By Greg Bird


Photo by Greg Bird (Above) A KSP bomb disposal officer x-rays a suspected explosive device to determine if it was dangerous. After confirming the device was indeed a bomb, the special unit secured the device and remotley detonated it in a safe location.

A pipe bomb found in a McCreary County yard caused a brief commotion Sunday.
McCreary County Sheriff Randy Waters stated Deputy Stuart Bryant was alerted to the bomb Sunday afternoon after a homeowner reported the device to 911 Dispatch.
The Deputy went to the location and retrieved the device and brought it to the back yard of the McCreary County Courthouse. The device was turned over to the Kentucky State Police who secured the area and notified a KSP Bomb Disposal Unit from Lexington who were dispatched to examine the device.
Deputy Bryant spoke to the homeowner and discovered the bomb had been in the yard for over a week, removing concerns this was a targeted attack. The resident stated she had no concerns for her safety, and had not had any reason to believe anyone had occasion to cause her harm or her family.
“We do not believe this was a targeted or specific attack,” Sheriff Waters said. “It may be some punks messing around. However, we take this very seriously and will continue to keep an eye out for any activity like this. This was a very dangerous situation with the potential to cause serious injury.”
The special KSP unit arrived at the courthouse later that afternoon. The officers x-rayed the device and confirmed it was a crudely made explosive. The crew secured the device and took it to an undisclosed location where it was rendered inert.
Sheriff Waters said the case is still under investigation.

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