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Unprecedented times for McCreary students

“We’re really working hard to make sure that we’re prepared for the distance

Corey Keith
McCreary County School Board Superintendent

With schools set to reopen online, the community has been abuzz with questions regarding the new system. On July 27 the McCreary County School Board met, and per the recommendation of Superintendent Corey Keith, it was decided that the first 5 weeks of school will be done entirely online, in response to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in our county. “We tried to make a very early announcement so that parents would have plenty of time to make arrangements and so certainly we want to be helpful in every way we can,” Keith said when asked about this decision and what it means for parents who have to work while their children will be home.
In order to provide the best possible education for our students during these unprecedented times, the board is currently working on increasing the hotspots at the schools so that they will extend out to the parking lots. The School Board is also looking at providing various hotspots throughout the county by partnering with various churches, firehouses, and other community locations.
For students in pre-school, the School District has purchased Kindle tablets instead of Chromebooks, because of their developing fine motor skills. They will also be taking part in the distance learning like the rest of the school system. According to Superintendent Keith, they are looking at providing flash drives with the class work on them for students without internet access whose parents cannot take them to these hotspots. In order to keep kids on track and make sure none are falling behind, various monitoring tools will be in place and it will operate much like in-seat classes, with teachers being able to grade work and provide feedback.
Through all the preparations the School Board is working through for the upcoming year, one thing is evident. They’re working diligently through all the details to prepare students for school during these unprecedented times. “We’re really working hard to make sure that we’re prepared for the distance learning,” Keith mentioned.
Many parents have had questions regarding if the School Board’s decision will affect sports. Keith says that they are following guidance from KHSAA every step of the way. Here at The Voice, we are awaiting word from Athletic Director Rob Jones regarding specifics for the upcoming year. As of the time that we go to print, he has not responded to our attempts to communicate.
In the coming weeks, parents will receive further instructions regarding protocols for starting the upcoming school year online.

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