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County in Red

Critical level transmission

McCreary County has been classified in the Red or Critical level of Covid-19 transmission due to the rapid rise in active cases. Tuesday night the number of active cases for the county was 42 cases and 1 hospitalized. The cumulative total cases for the County since the onset of the pandemic is 102. Fortunately, McCreary County has not recorded any deaths due to Covid-19.
The Lake Cumberland District Health 10 county area and the state are also seeing a spike in active cases. Pulaski County is experiencing a nursing home outbreak which has contributed to the 116 active cases and 3 hospitalizations they are reporting. Pulaski County’s cumulative total number of cases is 564 and 7 deaths.
Green County’s cases are still rising with a total of 76 reported active cases and 5 hospitalizations. Green County has a cumulative total number of cases of 175 and 8 deaths.
LCDH is reporting 369 active cases in the 10 county area with 23 hospitalized. Since the pandemic started the Lake Cumberland area has experienced a cumulative total number of cases of 2025 and 62 deaths. Statewide the cumulative total cases reported is 49,245 with 948 deaths.
Scott County Tennessee is reporting 48 active cases. The cumulative total cases for Scott County stands at 156 with 2 deaths.
People are strongly urged to exercise safe practices when in the public and help slow the spread. Wear a face covering, avoid crowds, social distancing when around others, increase hand washing and/or use sanitizer, wipe surfaces frequently and avoid touching your face. It’s important to teach your children safe practices as we are seeing more school age children with the virus.
To keep up with the daily case counts by county you can visit The Voice’s face book page or go to

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