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Escapee captured, again

Voice Staff Report

Jimmy Troxell, a man with a history of escaping police custody and no stranger to local police officers, was captured again early Monday morning after escaping from a transport officer following his earlier apprehension on Sunday.
Jimmy Troxell had been arrested earlier Sunday evening by Deputy Stuart Bryant and Trooper Harrison Wells on outstanding warrants from Pulaski County while investigating a burglary at 388 State Garage Road. While investigating the burglary, the officers determined Troxell lived in an apartment next door and could be a suspect in the burglary. The officers knocked on Troxell’s door but no one came to the door.
Later Deputy Bryant, Sheriff Randy Waters and Trooper Wells returned to State Garage Road in an effort to find Troxell. The warrant from Pulaski County was for Theft by Deception of over $10,000 that included a car Troxell had rented from Enterprise in March and failed to return. When the officers arrived at Troxell’s apartment they discovered the door unlocked and the keys left in the lock. Troxell and his girlfriend Shaina Madden ran from the officers. Madden was located and taken into custody on the railroad tracks, Jimmy Troxell was located and taken into custody later that evening.
While in the custody of Transport Officer Coffey, Troxell, still handcuffed, managed to flee on foot and escape. Another four to five hours were spent looking for the escapee in the Whitley City area. Around 4:00 a.m. Monday morning Sheriff Waters and Deputy Dustin Ridner returned to Troxell’s apartment. The officers saw Troxell and ordered him to show his hands, they could see he still had handcuffs on, Troxell refused. Deputy Ridner deployed his taser then ran and grabbed Troxell who began resisting, fighting the officer. Deputy Ridner refused to let go and held Troxell until Sheriff Waters could assist. Not taking any chances of another escape, the Officers also secured his ankles when taking Troxell into custody for the second time in less than 24 hours.
Troxell was charged with Resisting Arrest, 1st Degree Assault of a Police Officer, and Menacing. Additional charges of fleeing/evading, a felony charge, may also be charged.
Jimmy Troxell has a history of running from police. December, 2016 Troxell was captured following a four month search after he had escaped from a transport officer in August of that year. Deputy Dustin Ridner was one of the Deputies who apprehended Troxell in December, 2016. Deputy Ridner, during Troxell’s apprehension in 2016, tackled Troxell and held him until he was taken into custody. (The same method Deputy Ridner used to hold Troxell this past Monday morning.)
Troxell had been indicted in 2016 on three charges of possession of a forged instrument and four charges of theft by deception/cold checks and set to appear in court on August 23, 2016 when he escaped. Troxell was indicted by the McCreary County Grand Jury in September, 2016 on Escape 2nd Degree charges, a Class D felony.
The McCreary County Sheriff’s Department and the Kentucky State Police are conducting the investigation

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