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August OC Tax Up

Voice Staff Report

The Occupational Tax collected in August, 2020 was significantly more than was collected in August of 2019. Collections this year for the month of August were $171,973.21, an increase of $48,334.01 over the same month last year. The Jail Fund received $57,324.40, an increase of $16.111.33 over August of last year. Deposited into the General Fund was $114,648.81, an increase of $32,222.68 more than August, 2019.
The 2020-21 fiscal year which began July 1, 2020 has seen a total collected for the two months of $448,994.52, an increase over the same two months last year of $65,923.52. The Jail Fund has received a total of $149,664.83 during July and August, 2020, an increase of $16,111.33 over last year. The General Fund has received a total of $299,329.69 for July and August, 2020, an increase of $32,222.68 more that collected during the same two months in 2019.
The increase of $48,334.01, more than reported for the same month last year, in Occupational Tax collected for the month represents an increase of payroll and or profits of $3,222,266 reported for the month of August, 2020.


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