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With Board of Education’s tax rates now set and County’s compensating rate finalized,

PVA is ready to print McCreary County tax bills.


By Eugenia Jones

It took two additional special called meetings to set this year’s tax rates for McCreary County, but with those meetings now in the rear view mirror, the McCreary County PVA’s office is ready to print tax bills.
Having already adopted the second lowest property tax rate in the state in 2019, the McCreary County Board of Education dropped the rate even lower for 2020 when they met in special session on Thursday, September 17.
Following a hearing for public comment regarding proposed tax rates, members of the McCreary County Board of Education unanimously adopted the following 2020/2021 school year rates: Real Property-39.8 cents per $100 (or $3.98 per $1,000); Personal Property-39.8 cents per $100; Motor Vehicle-46.7 cents per $100; Utility-3%. The 2020/21 rates for Real Property and Personal Property dropped from 40.4 and 41.1 cents in 2019, respectively.
On Monday, September 21, McCreary County Fiscal Court met in a special called meeting to acknowledge the rates set by the Board of Education and to finalize the County’s compensating rate of 8.80 cents per $100 (88 cents per $1,000) for Real Property and 20.40 for Motor & Watercraft.
In a meeting held earlier this month, the Fiscal Court acknowledged 2020 tax rates adopted by local special taxing districts other than the Board of Education (such as Library, Health, Fire Departments, etc.).
With the process of setting this year’s tax rates now finalized by Fiscal Court, the PVA’s office will begin printing tax bills. On or after October 1st, McCreary County Sheriff Randy Waters’ office will mail out tax bills to all property holders, allowing them to pay their taxes for the year.

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