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Board Meets in Special Session

Board abolishes K-6 football program and sets Temporary
Assistance pay rate.

By Eugenia Jones

On Friday, October 2, several parents seeking abolishment of the School District’s k-6 Elementary Football Program attended a special called Board meeting. The parents requested abolishment of the program so McCreary County teams can continue their participation in the Pulaski County Youth Football League (PCYFL) as non-school affiliated teams. So far this season, the McCreary County teams have been the only school affiliated teams participating in the PCYFL. Since the McCreary County teams have been the only school affiliated teams in the league, parents feel the players have had an unfair disadvantage in being required to follow additional (school district) rules. For example, unlike the McCreary County School District, the PCYFL can require parents sign a waiver of liability in regard to COVID-19 and continue with league activities during times the local District may be forced to suspend extra-curricular activities due to the level of COVID-19 transmission within the community. A spokesperson for the parents noted the McCreary County School District would retain less expense and liability by choosing to abolish the k-6 program and stated the Pulaski County League assumes all responsibility-including provision of insurance if any of the PCYFL members play or practice on McCreary County football fields. Following a discussion with parents, the Board voted to abolish the District’s k-6 Elementary Football Program.
In additional business, the Board voted to set a Temporary Assistance, due to COVID-19, Classified Pay Rate of $10.80 per hour. Temporary Assistance allows classified employees who do not currently work eight hours per day to work extra hours (up to eight) by helping with the increased supervision and cleaning needed because of COVID-19. Superintendent Corey Keith noted the rate must be temporary in order for the District to qualify for possible reimbursement of funds from FEMA. The COVID-19 Temporary Assistance rate comes at a time when District Finance Officer Lauren King is gathering information regarding the feasibility of providing pay increases or bonuses to some classified staff (especially cooks and custodians.) She is also collecting classified salary schedules from school districts similar to McCreary County to use for comparison of pay rates. King is expected to present her findings at a Board meeting later this month.

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