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Sheriff Waters Issues an alert

Voice Staff Report

The County has experienced a rash of burglaries over the past several days causing Sheriff Randy Waters to issue an alert to all citizens in McCreary County.
Sheriff Waters said, “We want our people and their property to be safe. The recent rash of burglaries has those of us in police enforcement concerned. I’m asking the people in our local communities to help us by staying alert and keeping a watchful eye on their property and the properties surrounding them.”
The Sheriff’s Department has been kept busy recently answering calls of burglaries and breaking and entering in several different areas of the county. One area of the county has experienced four burglaries reported in recent days. The west end of the county has had two burglaries on Skull Bone Tower Road and two burglaries in the Wolf Ridge area.
Sheriff Waters has identified a suspect and has obtained a warrant for the arrest of Eric Litton Tucker who is suspected of being involved in the four west end burglaries. Anyone with information of Tucker’s whereabouts is urged to call the Sheriff’s Department at 376-2322 or 911.
Sheriff Waters is asking citizens to be alert, to watch their neighbors’ property and their neighborhood for anyone who is seen prowling around residences or businesses while the owner is away and to report anyone who appears to be out of place. A lot of the B & E’s are occurring in daylight when the home owner is at work or away from home.
Citizens are asked to call 911 anytime day or night to report suspicious activity.

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