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Active Cases surge, County in Red

Voice Staff Report

As active cases surge in the Lake Cumberland 10 county area and across the state, Governor Beshear warns more restrictions on businesses may be necessary. McCreary County added eight new cases Monday and 7 new cases on Tuesday bringing our active case count to 36 with two hospitalized. McCreary is now in the Red/Critical level of community spread and all ten counties in the Lake Cumberland District are in the Red/Critical level of community spread. In person classes for McCreary County School has been cancelled for next week.
Lake Cumberland District Health Department reports 917 active cases in the ten counties with 53 hospitalized. Several counties have seen a rapid rise in active cases. Pulaski reports 182 active cases and 14 hospitalized, Adair reports 105 cases with 7 hospitalized, Clinton is reporting 100 active cases with 7 hospitalized, Taylor reports 147 cases with 3 hospitalized and Wayne reports 134 active cases with 4 hospitalized.
The ten county district reports a total of 917 active cases with 53 hospitalized and a record number of new cases, 191, were added on Tuesday. The most hospitalizations the district has reported was 55 on November 11, 2020. At this rate of growth the number of active cases are expected to double in one month. The most common places visited before isolation are businesses, long term care/residential facilities, family and schools. LCDHD reports that 14% of active cases cannot be traced back to another known case. The Lake Cumberland District has had a cumulative total number of cases of 6,369 and 100 deaths.
Statewide only 16 of the 120 counties in the state are not in the Red/Critical level of community spread. Kentucky reported 1,514 new cases Monday and 2,931 new cases on Tuesday. The cumulative total for the state is 143,215 and 1,697 deaths.
Scott County Tennessee is experiencing an explosion of new cases, 263 active cases are reported. Scott County has a cumulative total of 781 cases with 6 deaths.
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