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County Road Department Ready for Winter

By Eugenia Jones

McCreary County Road Department Director Tony Kidd said the County Road Department is definitely prepared for winter. Kidd noted the department has five hundred tons of salt, 2 graders, and six trucks ready to go. Kidd said two additional trucks are on stand-by.

“Now, we are just waiting for it to snow,” Kidd declared with a grin.
When the County Road Department becomes aware of a severe winter weather forecast, Kidd said the department’s eleven employees often go ahead and load the trucks with salt before parking the vehicles inside the road department building. This saves time and quickly gets county roads salted since workers can just open the door and begin spreading salt as soon as possible. Kidd noted the workers often spread salt on hills in advance so workers can return to scrape them when needed.

With the McCreary County Road Department (county roads), State HWY Department (state roads), and lots of salt, equipment, and manpower, it appears most McCreary Countians will be able to “go in the snow” this winter.

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