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COVID-19 update

Voice Staff Report

The number of active cases in McCreary County have fallen to 104 with 12 hospitalized and two deaths. The Lake Cumberland District is reporting less cases but the numbers remain high with 1,169 active cases and 89 hospitalized. The ten county district has experienced a total of 189 deaths.
The Lake Cumberland Health Department is reporting that 93.5% of the districts ICU beds are filled and 31% of ventilator capacity is being utilized. The ten county district has had a total of 677 hospitalizations which has resulted in a hospitalization rate of 6.01 %. Statewide the hospitalization rate is 5.09% with 1,788 Covid-19 cases hospitalized with 438 in ICU beds and 246 on ventilators. The current overall hospital capacity for the state is reported at 71% of ICU beds are filled and 34.5% of ventilators are in use.
Pulaski County’s number of active cases remains high with 346 cases reported and 26 hospitalizations. Russell, Wayne and Taylor active cases are remaining high with a total of 23 hospitalizations. The Lake Cumberland District is reporting a total of 1,169 active cases with 89 hospitalized. The district’s number of deaths has risen to 189.
Scott County Tennessee’s number of active cases is reported at 295 with 31 hospitalized. Scott County has experienced a total of 1,580 Covid-19 cases and 12 deaths.
The active case number have decreased slightly but the Lake Cumberland District Health Department is reminding everyone not to let their guard down and to continue to practice health safety. To see the daily updates go to The Voice’s Facebook or

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