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School Board Members Appointed

Stacey Hammons and Sherry Duncan fill vacancies in Districts 1 and 3.

By Eugenia Jones

The McCreary County Board of Education met in a rare weekend meeting on Saturday (Jan. 2) to appoint Board Members to fill vacancies in Districts 1 and 3.
After meeting in closed session for discussions leading to the appointment and selection of individual members, the three current board members returned to open session to appoint two individuals to the Board.
Co-chairperson Braxton King made a motion to appoint former Board of Education Chairperson Dustin Stephens to the District 1 seat. Board Member Lori Foster seconded the motion. However, in roll call vote, the appointment failed with Gibson and Foster voting against the appointment of Stephens and King voting in favor.
Board Member Deborah Gibson then made a motion to appoint Stacey Hammons to the District 1 board member position. Foster seconded. Roll call vote was unanimous with Foster, Gibson, and King all voting in favor of the appointment of Stacey Hammons as School Board Member for District 1.
Acting on a motion by Foster and second by Gibson, the Board voted unanimously to appoint Sherry Duncan as School Board Member for District 3.
The District 1 vacancy occurred as a result of Board Member Nelda Gilreath’s passing just a few hours after being reelected to the position. The District 3 position was left vacant when its board member, Dustin Stephens, moved out of District 3 to District 1. Noah Duncan, who was recently elected to the District 3 position and would have assumed duties later this month, moved out of state and did not accept the position.

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