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A Conversation with New Board of Education Members

Stacey Hammons and Sherry Duncan were
recently appointed to fill vacancies on the McCreary County Board of
Education in Districts 1 and 3, respectively. “The Voice” recently spoke with the two appointees and found both are passionate about addressing the needs of students in McCreary County.

By Eugenia Jones


Photo submitted District 3 Board Member Sherry Duncan is pictured with her family.



Photo submitted District 1 Board Member Stacey Hammons is pictured with her family.


Stacey Hammons is a firm believer we should contribute positively to our community in every possible way. This belief led her to seek appointment to the McCreary County Board of Education.
“I love the children of this community,” Hammons said. “I want to do my part to help them have the opportunity to achieve their goals. McCreary County is my hometown. Two of my three children still attend this school district so I am invested in the success of our schools and the students.”
Hammons feels her experience as a pharmacy manager will be helpful in her position as a school board member.
“This experience has given me the opportunity to identify and capitalize on areas of success as well as identify and create action plans for areas that need improvement,” Hammons noted. “I have experience in collaborating with different departments to achieve goals for the collective whole. I believe these experiences will help me work with the board members, school administrators, teachers, parents, and students to create a successful school district.”
Hammons wants more students graduating from high school with college and career ready skills. To help accomplish this, she would like to see successful career and technical programs at McCreary Central introduced at the Middle School level. In addition to students receiving their high school diploma upon graduation, Hammons would also like to see students have the opportunity to graduate with an Associate Degree.
Moving forward, Hammons says it is crucial to address the academic, emotional, social, and psychological effects resulting from the current COVID-19 pandemic.
“While working as a community pharmacist, my staff and I were often faced with difficult situations that occurred as no fault of our own,” Hammons observed. “However, something I learned over the past year was, ‘while it may not be our fault, it is our problem.’ That thought resonates with me when I think of how the pandemic has affected our students. It is not the fault of the administrators, teachers, parents, or students; however, it is our problem. We must all work together diligently and with the best interest of our students to help them overcome obstacles in their path. I intend to serve my community with integrity, putting students first in decisions to be made.”
Hammons is a graduate of the McCreary County School District. She is a pharmacist at Daugherty Drugs, wife, and mother of three wonderful children. Hammons is active in her church and enjoys spending her free time with family and friends.
Sherry Duncan’s passion for McCreary County’s young people coupled with past involvement in the local school system when her son was a student motivated her to seek an appointment to the McCreary County Board of Education (District 3.)
“I am very passionate about the kids and young adults in our school system,” Duncan said. “I want them to know they are our future and can aspire to anything they want. The sky is the limit!”
As a long-time nurse, Duncan feels her work in the medical field will be helpful to her as a Board Member.
“Especially now with COVID-19, I feel I will give a new prospective on the ever changing new way of life and learning,” Duncan noted.
Duncan has also served on Site Base Council.
Duncan wants to see students confident in their pathway to life and learning.
“I want McCreary County students to be the best,” Duncan emphasized. “I also want them to be able to perform basic, everyday life skills such as writing checks, paying bills, and managing a budget.”
Moving forward, Duncan is adamant about putting the needs of students first. She also recognizes the ongoing challenges related to the current pandemic and virtual learning.
“Virtual learning is difficult on everyone,” Duncan said. “I am not sure what the best path is yet, but there is a definite need for more discussion on the matter.”
Duncan has been a nurse in labor and delivery for thirty-four years.
“I have probably helped deliver seval of our students!” Duncan exclaimed.
Duncan enjoys spending time with her family and taking trips to the beach. She also enjoys going to different sporting events in the county.
“I’m sure some of you remember how excited I can get at sporting events,” Duncan said with a grin.
Duncan is proud of her son, Noah, grandson, Hezekiah, and niece, Heather Lawson.
Unfortunately, “The Voice” was unable at this time to speak with newly elected District 5 Board Member Johnny Barnett.

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