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Mccreary County Water District Announces 2021 Sewer Installation Project

Sewer access to be provided for all with-in project area at no connection fees

Whitley City, KY – Southeastern Kentucky’s McCreary County Water District (MCWD) announces today its latest project to assist the county’s residents and businesses alike with the installation of and access to city sewer at no out-of-pocket connection cost.
“As we move into the New Year, and to protect the general health and promote the welfare of the people of McCreary County, it is vital that all sources of sewage be connected to an approved, either an on-site wastewater system or a sewer district sewer system, as available,” states MCWD Superintendent Stephen Whitaker. “And we are extremely pleased to announce that all connection fees for the sewer lines provided to the public will be waived in this project, thanks to monies provided by KIA.”
The connections will be made within six months from the date which sewer lines are installed and operation a) if no system currently exists; b) new construction occurs; c) an existing system is not up to County Health Department regulations. Additionally, all premises are deemed accessible to a public sewer if the sewer connections are located within reasonable proximity of property lines.
“This is a win-win for everyone in McCreary County, particularly those who have not had adequate access to an efficient, modern sewer system,” Whitaker adds.

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