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Inauguration of Biden & Harris

Voice Staff Report


The 46th President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden, Jr, was inaugurated Wednesday in the midst of unprecedented security at the Nation’s Capital in Washington D.C. More than 25,000 National Guards and troops were called up along with 2,500 Washington D.C. Metro Police to protect and essentially lock down the area surrounding the Capital and a large portion of the town. Police from around the country were also sent to Washington D.C. as was a contingent of Kentucky State Police.
Kamala Harris made history Wednesday as she was sworn in as Vice-President. Harris is the first female Vice-President and the first black of South Asian descent to serve as Vice-President of the United States. The traditional crowd of thousands was limited to roughly 2,000 people with the majority of the ceremonies being broadcast virtually.
President Trump did not attend the inauguration but left early Wednesday morning with his family for his home in Florida. Addressing well-wishers who came to Joint Base Andrews to see him off he told the crowd to be careful in the face of the Coronavirus, “to have a good life” and “we will be back in some form.”

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