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Covid-19 Vaccinations now available for 60 and older

Voice Staff Report

The State Health and Lake Cumberland Health Departments are now or will soon begin vaccinations for people age 60 and over. The following statement was issued from LCDHD for the ten county area.
‘If you or anyone you know is 60 and older (or in Phase 1a or 1b) please schedule your COVID-19 vaccination as soon as you can. Several vaccination sites have already moved into the broader 1c group. The health department will also move into the broader 1c group as soon as we have difficulty filling our appointment slots with those 60 and older (or those in Phase 1a or 1b). The larger 1c group represents a very significant number of people. Once a provider moves into the broader 1c group, the demand for the vaccine will likely outpace the supply for several weeks.’
The next date to schedule appointments for the Covid-19 vaccine will be March 8th. The McCreary County Health Department’s phone number is 606-376-2412 and they request you do not call until March 8th. Additionally, you can all the Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital in Somerset at 1-844-675-3390 or Corbin Baptist Health at 1-800-444-0310 extension 1.
More than 700,000 Kentuckians have received a dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and with the Johnson and Johnson one dose vaccine becoming available more people will have access to become vaccinated. A hopeful Governor Beshear said “We’re now moving into the future.”

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