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School District employee attacked by dogs

By Eugenia Jones

An employee for the McCreary County School District was viciously attacked by three mixed breed dogs when she attempted to deliver a coat to a child in need. The employee had made several home visits to the residence previously and did not expect difficulty in delivering the coat.
As the employee approached the Tunnel Ridge home, three dogs attacked and knocked her twice to the ground. One of the dogs was a nursing mother with pups. The employee was bitten several times, and her shoe was pulled off by the dogs. The employee managed to get away from the animals and made it back to her car.
The school employee was taken to Somerset by ambulance from Hope Primary Care. She required a total of fifteen stitches including thirteen on her right leg.
Officials are waiting on a court order to determine what will happen to the dogs.
The employee noted she would like to thank the McCreary County EMTs, Animal Control Officer Milford Creekmore, Deputy Judge Nathan Nevels, the McCreary County Animal Protection League, and McCreary County school employees.

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