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PRIDE Welcomes McCreary County’s Anita Sutton to Board

Eastern Kentucky PRIDE announced today that Anita Sutton has joined its Board of Directors. She will volunteer her time and expertise to direct PRIDE, a nonprofit organization that promotes environmental cleanup and education, as well as economic development through tourism, in 42 counties of southern and eastern Kentucky.
Sutton, who grew up in McCreary County, has been with Outdoor Venture Corporation since 2003 and is currently the Business Development Manager. During her 30-year career in industrial management, she has worked in bench chemistry, pharmaceutical laboratory, automotive quality assurance standards, and industrial management in a technical environment. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Austin Peay State University with a double major in chemistry and biology.
“As a native of this region and with her biology training, Anita understands that a clean, healthy environment is closely tied to our overall quality of life, and we are so pleased to welcome her to the Board of Directors,” said Tammie Nazario, PRIDE President and Chief Executive Officer.
“I appreciate her dedication to helping our nonprofit succeed in its mission, and I am grateful OVC is generously allowing her to lend her time to PRIDE,” Nazario said.
“Perhaps due to my biology background and botanical studies, I have an unprecedented love for nature and natural beauty,” Sutton said. “I was on the original park board for McCreary County and volunteered with the group to start the plants and trees for beautification of the community.”
“It is our personal responsibility to protect our environment for not only ourselves, but the future generations,” Sutton explained. “Without that protection, we are putting the wildlife and plants at risk. In order to sustain and protect our natural resources, we need to educate our youth and lead by example. Our action and participation are setting the example for future generations.”
“Economically, tourism is important to this rural area,” Sutton added. “The monetary value of additional tourism provides the much-needed funding to maintain the beautiful natural landscapes that offer waterfalls, overlooks and trails for us all to enjoy.”
The PRIDE Board of Directors meets bimonthly to establish guidelines for PRIDE programs and approve the organization’s budget. Ten board members are volunteers who bring particular expertise to fulfilling the PRIDE mission. One staff member, the President/Chief Executive Officer, also serves on the board.
PRIDE was founded to promote “Personal Responsibility In a Desirable Environment” in 1997 by Congressman Hal Rogers (KY-5) and the late James Bickford, who was the Kentucky Secretary for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection. PRIDE’s mission is to contribute to the economic and cultural growth of southern and eastern Kentucky by improving water quality, cleaning up solid waste problems, and advancing environmental education, in order to improve living conditions for its residents while enhancing the potential for tourism industry growth in the region.
“The annual PRIDE Spring Cleanup is underway, so this is a great time for everyone in our region to make sure our incredible landscape looks its best,” Nazario said. “You can do your part by picking up litter near your home, church, business or favorite spot. If you need trash bags, gloves or safety vests for your project, then call our toll-free number.”
The toll-free number for PRIDE is 888-577-4339. The PRIDE web site is

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