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Credible Sighting of Local Bigfoot

After a credible sighting of a local Bigfoot creature, a team of scientists from Washington state are headed to McCreary County to investigate.



By Eugenia Jones

A McCreary County resident recently spotted what he described as a “Bigfoot creature.” The resident, who asked to remain anonymous in this article, was feeding livestock one evening at his barn when he heard peculiar knocking sounds coming from the direction of a wooded area on the west side of his barn. When he stepped out of the barn to investigate, he spotted a large, upright hairy creature walking out of the woods toward the barn. The man described the creature’s hair as being very long and light brown.
“The thing must have been at least seven ft. tall,” the McCreary Countian exclaimed. “When it saw me, it stopped and stared for a bit and then turned back to the woods. It was the wildest thing I’ve ever seen. This thing took huge steps and when it got to a barbwire fence, it stepped right over it! Then, it disappeared into the trees.”
With darkness coming on, the McCreary County resident quickly finished his chores and hurried to his house. However, the next day, the man investigated the area where he had seen the creature.
“There was some light brown hair caught in the barbwire fence and the ground was scuffed up some,” the man explained. “There were a couple of large footprints in the area. I removed the hair from the fence and took it over to Whitley to see where I could get it analyzed. They sent the hair off for me and got results back. I couldn’t believe it when they said the sample was from an unidentified animal.”
A team of biologists and zoologists from Washington state are expected to arrive in the County next week to do further investigation. We contacted one of the scientists, Bob Zonobar, for comment.
“We really aren’t sure what this is,” Zonobar said. “Analysis of the hair sample doesn’t match anything we’ve ever seen before. It is hard to believe but McCreary County may actually be the home of some type of Bigfoot creature.”

The Voice will continue to cover this story as it develops.

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