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Missing Persons and Cold Cases

Homicide-Roger D. King

(The McCreary County Voice continues to highlight local cases of unsolved homicides and and individuals still missing. Anyone with information (no matter how small) regarding any of the highlighted cases is urged to contact officials.)

According to Kentucky State Police, Roger Dale King, a well-known lineman for South Kentucky RECC, was murdered on August 24, 1998 shortly before 7:00 a.m. The 49 year old King was found dead in his South KY RECC truck at his home Bethel Road in Pine Knot, KY. King had gotten in his truck to leave home for work when he was shot one time in the face/head at close range with small caliber handgun. According to an article by Ken Schmidheiser in the August 25, 1998 edition of the McCreary County Record, King died almost immediately but was able to flip on the flashing yellow warning lights of his truck before passing away. According to the article, the McCreary County Coroner at the time, Milford Creekmore, stated King had been the victim of vandalism at his home in the weeks prior to his death. Incidents reportedly included, air let out of vehicle tires, a cut fence, and a gate left open.
If anyone has information concerning the unsolved murder of Roger Dale King, please contact the Kentucky State Police at 606-878-6622.

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