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We Are All in This Together

The success of tourism in McCreary County depends on everyone working together.

McCreary County can be proud of the success of last week’s Spring Trail Ride staged from the Sandhill RV Camp. The event, organized under the voluntary leadership of McCreary County’s Renee Daugherty and supported by local tourism leaders, was a new twist for McCreary County Tourism as the county finally began taking advantage of the tourism opportunities available through marketing to horseback riders and equestrian lovers.
However, it is important to remember that the event was not just for horseback riders. It offered something for all. Everyone, with or without horses, had the opportunity to spend an enjoyable weekend in scenic McCreary County enjoying live music, dance, food, crafts and vendors.
With horseback riders coming from several states including Connecticut, West Virginia, and a group from McMinnville, Tennessee, the event definitely proved that putting out our welcome mat for horseback riders and sharing the beauty and hospitality of our county is a great idea. With McCreary County’s many horseback trails throughout the Daniel Boone National Forest and Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area and the county’s interest in developing tourism as a local economic driver, the event was, and will continue to be a win-win for all involved. We hope locals-especially those without horses- will take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the event when it rolls around again this fall.
McCreary County can be proud of all of its annual events and the many folks who typically volunteer to organize and support them. The Yamacraw Trail Races, McCreary County Fair, Stearns Fourth of July Celebration, Blazin’ Bluegrass Festival, McCrearyFest, Christmas Parade/Tree Lighting, Spring/Fall Trail Rides, and the many other McCreary County celebrations and events improve the quality of life for our residents and can attract tourists (and tourism dollars) to our beautiful county.
At the same time, we must remember every event we offer is just one piece of a huge jigsaw puzzle McCreary Countians must put together in order to make a significant impact on tourism in the county. To put that jigsaw puzzle together, we must all work together and support each other’s contributions in making McCreary County an inviting and enjoyable place to live and visit. Those who love Bluegrass music and Trail Races must support those who love horses. Those who love horses must support those who love parades and fireworks. We must all support each other. That is the only way new ideas, new celebrations, and new events can flourish and grow.
“The Voice” strives to cover as many special events as we can. Often we do preview articles, press releases, and follow up articles with photos-usually without receiving any paid advertising. We can honestly say that we have covered all of the events named above multiple times-and in many cases, every single time the event was held. We do so because we care about all aspects of the community, and because we realize we all must work together and support each other if we, as a county, are to succeed.
If we simply support and respect each other’s helpful ideas and contributions even when they perhaps do not reflect our own personal interests and hobbies-all pieces of McCreary County’s tourism jigsaw puzzle can come together. When all those puzzle pieces do come together, the total picture will depict McCreary County as the place we love and the destination tourists love to visit.

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