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Happy Mother’s Day

This year, “The Voice” took a different approach to our Mother’s Day tribute. We asked our readers to share a funny story about mom-one that brings a laugh, chuckle, or a smile to their faces.
Our moms-they support us in good times and bad, they scold us, they love us, and sometimes, they make us laugh!
We hope all moms have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

• “Every New Year’s Eve, at the stroke of midnight, my mother would run outside banging pots and pans together and yelling, “Happy New Year!” Sometimes even in two or three feet of snow. She did this for years until I jokingly told her that I had arranged for a local TV News crew to come down and film her. She never did it again.” – Joe LaMay
• “Mom would bang on the dish pan if we didn’t get out of bed when called. Better than that, she always covered her head in the kitchen and usually with a pair of clean underwear!” – Judy Trammell Brown
• “I believe the funniest thing mom, Frances, ever did was make the front page of the McCreary County Record for getting took to jail when the parents in Pine Knot protested on school property about the consolidation of McCreary County High School and Pine Knot High School!” – KY Dave Gilreath
• My mother once got me up at 5:30 a.m. in the middle of an Alaskan winter to help my older brother on a paper route because it was so cold-two could get it done faster. Mom promised to have a giant breakfast and hot chocolate when we got back. Mom also loved her practical jokes. Sure enough, bacon, eggs, and pancakes were waiting on us. Took a sip of that hot chocolate, and Mom hit the floor laughing at our expressions! She made that first cup of ours with Clam Juice! – Kenneth Barclay
• When I was a kid, around 1968, my mom was pregnant with my baby brother, Ronald. She and Dad had gone to the grocery store. Mom came home from the grocery store proudly packing her watermelon for us six kids. She was decked out in her polyester bellbottom pants. She tripped over a metal coat hanger in the yard, fell, and busted our watermelon. The funniest part of all of it was that she split those polys from front to back in the straddle. The only thing hurt was her pride. Yes, my baby brother was ok as well. Momma is now 86 years old. I love you, Mom! (Imogene Jones Walls) – Wanda Duncan
• I brought my boyfriend (now, my husband of twenty years) home to meet Mom, and the first thing out of Mom’s mouth was, “He looks just like your ex-husband!” He and I still chuckle about it. I guess I have an affinity for tall blondes. – Trish Taylor
• My mom dyed her hair one time when we were at the Lake on vacation and it turned green. She learned not to use anything with “ash” in the hair color! – Debra Sierens
• There are two things that put a smile on my face about my mom, Glenna Kidd. My dad wanted feather pillows. So, my mom, being the wonderful wife she was, started picking the geese. She had no idea you were not supposed to pick the feathers under their wings called pin feathers. The poor geese’s wings were flopping on the ground. They bit her and did other things on her. She qui and said, “If Dean Kidd wanted feather pillows, he could pick the geese himself!”
Another time, my mom put on a gorilla mask and an old raincoat and went trick or treating to My Aunt Carol’s house. Mom never talked she just pushed her hand forward. Carol said, “You are kind of old to be trick or treating, aren’t you?” Mom still did not talk and just shoved her hand forward and pointed to the candy. Carol gave her one piece. She went to her mom and dad’s and mammaw said, “Have mercy!” Mom took her mask off so as not scare them. She did this everywhere we stopped with the kids. It was so funny and out of character for my Mom. – Pat Jones

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