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Judge Greene Reflects on the State of the County

(In this edition, Judge Greene discusses jail transports, emergency management, and the road department.)

Jail Transports

Jessie Hatfield heads up the transport of McCreary County inmates to detention centers. In 2020, there were 715 transports including jail and court appearances. Some of these transport trips had multiple inmates. Transports to the hospital are not included in the 715 number. Due to the pandemic, transport numbers were greatly reduced because of virtual court appearances.
“We are in the process of acquiring a new transport vehicle,” Greene commented. “This will enable us to sell some of our older vehicles and use that money to help pay for new vehicles.”
Cameras were also installed in all transport vehicles.

Agency (EMA)

As EMA Director, Stephen McKinney had a busy year in 2020. “Stephen coordinated and compiled the Alcohol Beverage Control ordinance and acquired camera systems for jail transport/GPS for each vehicle,” Greene commented. “After the February flooding he applied for FEMA monies for repairs ($126,194.32 received) and did damage assessment for Frankfort after a tornado hit in the Stephens Farm and Whitley City area.”
When COVID-19 struck in March, McKinney delivered meals, groceries, and medicines to those who were quarantined or tested positive. He acquired personal protective equipment for doctors’ offices, EMS, courthouse, and other county facilities. McKinney traveled to several factories to obtain gallons of donated sanitizer and contracted a company to sanitize the Courthouse and Sheriff’s office. He also hosted two drive thru COVID-19 testing sites for citizens to get tested for the virus.
“Stephen got the courthouse back in ADA compliance by having elevator repairs made to the prisoner elevator and negotiated a new contract for maintenance to cover both elevators,” Greene added. “Additionally, McKinney got the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) to cover a large percentage of the elevator contract saving the county $2,200.”
McKinney also prepared and submitted the CARES ACT application which resulted in the receipt of $586,650.
“Stephen is also the first ever Code Enforcement Officer in McCreary County,” Greene declared. “He and County Attorney Austin Price have cited and prosecuted numerous illegal dump sites and are diligently pursuing more.”

County Road

County Road Supervisor Tony Kidd has a long list of accomplishments for his crew of county road employees.
“There has been approximately forty miles of new blacktop on county roads with each District averaging ten miles,” Greene commented. “The crew has also rocked and ditched several miles of road and completed over 100 tons of cold patch last year.”
Other accomplishments include the following:
• Repaired or replaced over 250 signs.
• Slope mowed all that could be mowed for increased visibility.
• Mowed all county road right of ways twice.
• Graded and graveled all gravel roads in spring and fall.
• Repaired several slides throughout the county.
• Built a rack to hold salt spreaders, thereby needing only two people to secure the spreaders to the truck. Built a boneyard to store extra supplies (steel, culverts, and concrete.)
• Installed new drain lines at the courthouse so the parking lot could be repaved.
• Worked on Free Bulk Drop Off days and hauled about 85 truckloads of refuse to the landfill. Hauled about twelve truckloads of tires away after Tire Amnesty Days.
“The County Road Department also corrected several erosion issues resulting in there being four more usable camp sites at the Sandhill RV Camp,” Greene added. “They also widened areas of the road and graded steep banks on the left side of the campground. They hauled off scrap metal near the back of the campground and recycled that to build storage racks for their salt spreaders. Additionally, they repaired a damaged septic tank and built a new dump station on the left side of the campground.”

(Next week, Judge Greene will discuss the McCreary County Ambulance Service (EMS) and 911.)

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