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Judge Greene Reflects

(In the conclusion of this series, Judge Greene discusses local economic development and his administration’s future plans for improvements and growth in McCreary County.)

“The county generated $64,000 in revenue when Deputy Judge Nathan Nevels catalogued and listed county surplus equipment on,” Greene said. “These funds went back to the department the surplus property came from. This has allowed us to sell a dozen old police cars and a variety of old, unused equipment from the sheriff’s department, road department, and litter abatement. The departments then used the proceeds to buy more modern equipment to meet each department’s changing needs.”
“Nathan also works closely with the IDA Board (Randy Kidd-Chairperson) in looking for opportunities for McCreary County,” Greene continued. “The IDA Board’s revolving loan committee approved three loans that created twelve new jobs in McCreary County.”
Additionally, the IDA Board has invested in marketing and remodeling McCreary County’s speculative (SPEC) building and industrial site in Pine Knot.
“A professional drone video was graciously made by SKRECC of our industrial site,” Judge Greene noted. “Two more businesses toured the SPEC building and the process of leasing it started in November 2020. Nathan has submitted numerous grant applications, and several have been used to further economic development.”
The IDA Board also sponsored Teleworks job training classes and a job fair which resulted in nineteen people receiving full-time at home customer service jobs. Thirteen individuals are still pending employment.

Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC)

The ABC ordinance was approved and signed effective January 3, 2020. The first county license sale was January 15, 2020. At present, there are a total of 20 licensed merchants.
“The pandemic of 2020 affected many stores and restaurants with their revenue. and some businesses were forced to close for various periods of time per COVID precautions,” Greene observed. “Local merchants brought in a total amount of $1,475,153.56 in alcohol sales. The county collected $98,110.56 from regulatory fees. ABC’s collection of license and regulatory fees helped fund five full-time deputies for the McCreary County Sheriff’s Office and paid the salaries and expenses for ABC Director, Brenda Blevins and a stipend for the County Treasurer.”

Tax Administration

“Stephanie Tucker handles your occupational taxes, business licenses, and net profit license fees,” Greene explained. “She also monitors quarterly tax filings and reconciles financial reports and auditing records. Additionally, she reconciles cash activity and handles the delinquent tax program. It is a big job for one person. Fortunately, we were able to get a part time worker thru Goodwill to help her at no cost to the county.”

Future Plans

Judge Greene has definite plans for the next two years. Included in his plans are the following:
• Due to age and neglect, Greene plans to upgrade and improve county facilities.
• Purchase equipment for the road and litter abatement departments.
“We need to sell some worn out equipment that is not cost effective,” Greene stated. “Departments need newer, more efficient equipment.”
• Improve and maintain beautiful county parks. (County Park, Sandhill, Laurel Creek Reservoir)
“We have many avenues we can explore with our parks to benefit our citizens,” Greene observed.
• Continue the purchase of new ambulances to serve citizens.
• Expand on the Teleworks program to provide more job opportunities.
• Continue promoting the industrial site and benefits of starting a business and living in McCreary County.
• Continue improvement of roads and bridges.
• Work with utilities to improve water, electric, gas, and Broadband services.
• Improve airport for tourism and business opportunities.
• Use the new Kentucky Wildlands initiative to create new jobs in the local tourism industry.
• Expand ATV trail riding opportunities in the county.
• Pursue more ways to clean up our county and combat the growing garbage problem.

• Take advantage of all State and Federal Grant programs to help establish new businesses and help existing ones.

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