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Chamber of Commerce Board Meets

By Eugenia Jones

The McCreary County Chamber of Commerce Board met for their regular monthly meeting to discuss and/or act on several items of business.
Board member Bobby Strunk reported on efforts within the county to establish an organization such as a local Boys/Girls club or YMCA to provide local youth with recreation and other positive activities. He said a small group met to discuss potential for the project and will be following up and continuing to meet. The group would like to expand by inviting individuals interested in assisting with the project to attend future meetings.
Deputy Judge Nathan Nevels, via phone conference, requested the Chamber give a donation to support the county’s effort to install “litter cameras” in various locations throughout the county. The cameras are already purchased, and the Chamber donation will help purchase camera cards and service. The Chamber donated $100 to the cause.
The Chamber also discussed the possibility of placing an attractive garbage can on Main Street since there are none available for people walking on the sidewalks to use.
The company that conducted a Mystery Shopper hospitality survey two years ago in McCreary County notified the Chamber they will do another survey at no cost between now and July. With COVID-19, the results of the initial survey were delayed, and the company would like to do another survey so the Chamber can receive current data. During the survey, anonymous “shoppers” and “tourists” from the company will visit McCreary County’s local attractions and businesses. They will secretly collect data on such things as helpfulness, cleanliness, etc. The data will then be analyzed, and the Chamber will receive a report on the strengths and weaknesses of McCreary County as a place to vacation, shop, and have fun. The Chamber expects to receive a report with the analyzed Mystery Shopper data in August.

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