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KU power bills must be paid

Kentucky Utilities
resume disconnections for nonpayment of bills

By Eugenia Jones

McCreary County residents who are behind on their Kentucky Utilities (KU) electric bills due to the COVID-19 pandemic need to make sure outstanding bills are paid quickly.
Kentucky Utilities announced disconnections for nonpayment are resuming this month (June) for residential customers. Customers with outstanding balances began receiving disconnection notices in the May billing cycle.
Avoiding Disconnection
If you are behind on payments, there are two ways to avoid disconnection:
1. Make full payment using KU’s mobile app, via My Account, by phone, or using other payment options.
2. Make a partial payment AND set up a payment arrangement for the remainder of the Delinquent Amount due. When a disconnection notice is received, customers can sign up for payment arrangements through any of the following self-service options:
• Mobile app-available in the App Store and Google Play Store.
• MyAccount-online-available at KU website.
• Automated phone system-press 1-2-2-1 at any time.
Customers can also visit a KU office or speak to a Customer Care Representative by phone.
While on a payment plan, you must pay your current bill amount and the agreed to monthly installment amount by the due date to avoid disconnection.
If a Customer is Already Disconnected
If a customer has already been disconnected, the entire delinquent amount must be paid and reconnection must be requested through KU’s mobile app., via My Account, or by using the automated phone system. Customers cn also visit a KU office or speak to a Customer Care Representative by phone. Service will be reconnected within 24 hours after verification that the delinquent amount has been paid. A reconnect fee and a new or additional deposit will be required as a condition of reconnection.
To avoid mail delays, sign up for paperless billing and pay bills electronically.
Kentucky Utilities is resuming disconnections for nonpayment of bills for residents after the company temporarily quit suspending service disconnections in March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Assistance Funds

Financial assistance may be available to customers to help them catch up on their monthly power bills with the help of community programs or by visiting:
• Healthy at Home Utility Relief:
• Community Action Kentucky:
• The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP):
South Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative (SKRECC) resumed disconnections after November 5, 2020. Members were given a variety of options for payment including a twelve month payment period with outstanding balances broken up into fixed, equal payments. SKRECC did not add late fees until December 31, 2020 for their customers. SKRECC members experiencing difficulties paying their electric bills can also check the above avenues of assistance.

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