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Escapee Captured

Constable Clark and MCSO apprehend Ridner

Photo by Eugenia Jones After apprehending escapee James T. Ridner and releasing him to MCSO Deputy Tom Smith for arrest, Constable Freddie Clark remained on the scene as the vehicle Ridner was riding in as a passenger was impounded.



“ To me, Ridner looked like he wanted to run, but he knew I would be after him.”

Freddie Clark
McCreary County Constable



By Eugenia Jones

The McCreary County Sheriff’s Office announced on Friday that James T. Ridner who escaped from custody on June 14 was arrested without incident.
McCreary County Constable Freddie Clark apprehended Ridner as he left a Marshes Siding apartment building riding on the passenger side of a vehicle registered to Ashley Bytheway. Bytheway was indicted earlier this year and charged with murder for the alleged offense of fatally shooting Brandon Probus on April 10, 2021. Coincidentally, the alleged shooting occurred outside the apartment building where Ridner was apprehended.
According to Constable Clark, Ridner apparently went to one of the apartments and asked a resident to give him a ride to an unidentified location. The resident, who supposedly has permission to drive the Bytheway vehicle and was unaware Ridner had escaped custody last month, agreed to give Ridner a ride.
Clark said he stopped the vehicle as it was leaving the apartment building because he had received complaints concerning the vehicle. Clark stated he recognized the fugitive from a photograph published in the “McCreary County Voice” following Ridner’s escape.
Clark said he apprehended Ridner without incident.
“I had no idea Ridner was in the car until I looked on the passenger side,” Clark said. “I recognized him from a picture that was in the newspaper a few weeks ago. To me, Ridner looked like he wanted to run, but he knew I would be after him.”
Constable Clark turned Ridner over to Deputy Tom Smith of the McCreary County Sheriff’s Office for arrest on a charge of second degree escape. After Ridner’s arrest, Clark remained on the scene to cite the driver for traffic related citations and impound the vehicle.


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