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Hemlock Grove picnic grills stolen

By Eugenia Jones

Photo submitted Forest Service officials are asking the community to help them recover the grills. Anyone with information regarding theft of the grills is urged to contact the Stearns Ranger District at 606-376-5323.



During the 4th of July holiday weekend (July 3 and 6), U. S. Forest Service employees discovered the thefts of two grills from Hemlock Grove, a popular picnic area on the banks of Rock Creek near Great Meadow campground.
“It’s really sad when you have the destructive actions of a few impact everyone’s ability to enjoy our national forest recreation sites,” Stearns District Ranger Tim Reed commented. “These thieves have deprived our public of amenities the site normally offers and will cost additional tax-payer dollars to eventually replace. We would really appreciate any info from the public that could help our law enforcement officers apprehend the thieves and recover the grills.”
Installed at Hemlock Grove during the fall of 2019, the two grills are relatively new. One of the stolen grills is a large group grill, and the other is a regular pedestal grill. The grills, anchored in concrete, were cut off by the thieves. The estimated value of the grills, excluding installation costs, is $1,000 for the large group grill and $250 for the pedestal grill.
United States Forest Service officials are asking the community to assist them in recovering the stolen grills. Individuals are reminded that whoever receives, conceals, or retains the stolen property can also be charged alongside the individual(s) who stole the grills. Theft of an item valued at $1,000 or more is a felony level violation.
Anyone with information regarding the thefts of the grills is urged to contact the US Forest Service at 606-376-5323. Anonymous reports can also be made at this number with no questions asked.

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