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Industrial Development Authority Meets

By Eugenia Jones

McCreary County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) met earlier this month for their regular meeting.  During the meeting, Economic Director Nathan Nevels reported the following:

• Thirty-four people were recruited for the June Teleworks class.  Of those, seventeen are now employed.  Three additional people are pending employment through Teleworks.

• The IDA loan committee had two new loan applications to review.  One for expansion of an existing business and the other for a new business in Whitley City.

• Magistrate Bobby Strunk has secured funding to complete the Laurel Creek Rervoir trail project and increase water-related recreation opportunities in McCreary County.  Swimming is now permitted at the reservoir.

• Nevels reported he assisted with the writing of a grant to renovate Sandhill RV Camp.  If approved, the funding will be used to expand lodging, add restrooms, etc.  The grant application is being submitted by Backroads of Appalachia Foundation.

• Another airplane has been donated by the Air Force to the Big South Fork Aerospace program.  It will count toward the required number of ten planes needed for the local airport to qualify for federal funding to expand the airport.

• A group of citizens have expressed interest in renting the entire SPEC building for youth related activities.  The building would be divided in fourths to reduce cost of rent for each activity. 

• McCreary County will have an expanded display at this year’s State Fair.

In additional business, the IDA discussed the possibility converting the SPEC building to a Convention Center which could be used for conferences, concerts, outdoor activities, etc.

Members also discussed their role in tourism and suggested the possibility of hosting joint meetings with the local tourism board twice yearly.  Members decided joint meetings would be more productive than combining the two boards.

IDA member Larry King will be reappointed in October.  Jerry Stephens, who is up for reappointment, does not want to remain on the IDA board.   The next regular meeting of the IDA will be on the first Monday of October at 6:00 p.m

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