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County’s active COVID cases intensify

By Eugenia Jones

According to this week’s Lake Cumberland District Health Department’s (LCDHD) daily news briefs as of Tuesday night, McCreary County added 61 new active cases of COVID-19 this week for a total of 76 active cases.  Forty-nine of the new cases were listed on Monday with twelve new cases listed on Tuesday.  As of Tuesday evening, eight McCreary County COVID-19 patients were hospitalized.

Monday was a record breaking day for the ten county LCDHD with the single largest day of new cases reported in the district since the pandemic began.  Seven deaths in the Lake Cumberland District were reported on Monday. All ten counties, including McCreary, are in the critical (red) zone.

On Monday, LCDHD Clinics began scheduling appointments for the additional dose (third booster) of vaccine for the immunocompromised groups that have been identified as needing another dose.

McCreary County ranks tenth (last) in the Lake Cumberland District for vaccination uptake rates.  Currently, McCreary County has a 27.04% vaccination rate in comparison to the state rate of 55%.  In comparison, Clinton County ranks ninth in the district, slightly above McCreary, with a vaccination rate of 27.61%.  Pulaski County’s rate is 43.48%.

Individuals are encouraged to take precautions such as get vaccinated, mask up, avoid crowds as much as possible, wash hands with soap and water often and thoroughly, stay home if sick, increase sanitation, and avoid touching the face.

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