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Theft at County Properties

By Eugenia Jones

After several sheds and concession stands used by the McCreary County Youth Baseball/Softball League were broken into twice in just a matter of days at the County Park last month, perpetrators gained illegal entry to the property of the County Road Department Garage on two consecutive days.  

According to McCreary County Sheriff Randy Waters, perpetrators went on County Road Department property at Stearns sometime during the morning of September 28 and searched through equipment.  The perpetrator(s) stole a 2-way radio out of a dump truck and cut off a couple of catalytic converters.  At approximately 3:00 a.m. on the following night, perpetrators once again gained entry to the property by cutting a hole in the fencing and stole various tools, chains, and loose objects found in the trucks and equipment.

County Road Department employees have since repaired the fencing and installed more lighting.

An investigation by the McCreary County Sheriff’s Office is ongoing.  Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 376-2322.

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