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2020/21 Assessment Results and School Report Cards Released

By Eugenia Jones

With the Kentucky Department of Education’s recent release of 2020-21 state standardized testing results and school report cards, leaders both statewide and locally are cautioning the data was heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and cannot be used as a comparison with past years’ results.

Citing the substantial loss of in person instruction last year due to COVID-19 and difficulty getting full student participation during assessment, educators warn that the 2020/21 assessment scores do not provide a true picture of school and student progress.

McCreary Central trailed only slightly behind state averages on all components of the ACT, a standardized test administered for college admission.  In most areas, Central’s 11th graders fell approximately one point behind statewide averages.  Math scores between local and statewide averages reflect the most discrepancy with McCreary Central’s average score being 15.9 and statewide scores averaging 17.7.  The average composite score in 2020/21 for McCreary Central students is 16.8 with the statewide average composite score being 18.0.

Results for McCreary Central High School for the ACT (11th grade) are as follows:  English-16.2, Reading-17.3, Math-15.9, Science-17.3, and Composite-16.8.  In comparison, ACT average scores for the state are as follows:  English-17.1, Reading-18.5, Math-17.7, Science-18.3, and Composite-18.0.  

Kentucky uses a Benchmark system to determine if students have successfully met state standards.  Benchmarks are one indicator of college/technical school success. Students who meet Benchmarks have a 50 % chance of earning a B or better and a 75% chance of earning a C or better in corresponding college courses.  Kentucky’s system-wide benchmarks for the ACT are as follows:  

English – 18, Mathematics – 19, Reading – 20, and Science – 23.  (Science scores are not used for state accountability.)

A comparison between McCreary Central (MC) students and students statewide regarding the percent of students meeting Benchmarks on the ACT is as follows:  English-37.4% (MC)/42.3% state, Reading-35.5% (MC)/39.9% state, and Math-16.8% (MC)/29.9% state.

McCreary Middle School had an 85.9% participation rate during state assessment with scores in Reading and Math as follows:  Reading-32.7% Novice, 29.0% Apprentice, 22.8% Proficient, and 15.5 Distinguished.  Statewide averages for 2020/21 are:  31.4 % Novice, 24.6% Apprentice, 21.1% Proficient, and 16.9% Distinguished.

2020/21 state assessment results in Reading for Pine Knot Elementary are:  33.1% Novice, 26.1% Apprentice, 26.7% Proficient, and 14.1% Distinguished.  In Math, PKE scores are:  26.9 Novice, 42.7% Apprentice, 22.8% Proficient, and 7.6% Distinguished.  Pine Knot Elementary had approximately 87% participation.

Whitley City Elementary 2020-21 state assessment scores with 88.3% participation are as follows: Reading-42.9% Novice, 36.1% Apprentice, 15.9% Proficient, 5.2% Distinguished, and in Math, 41.2% Novice, 46.4% Apprentice, 12.0% Proficient, and .4% Distinguished.  

Statewide average elementary scores for 2020/21 in Reading are: 34.8% Novice, 25.8% Apprentice, 26.2% Proficient, and 13.3% Distinguished.  Statewide average elementary scores in Math are:  30.4% Novice, 38.2% Apprentice, 21.9% Proficient, and 9.5% Distinguished.  

In the District’s state report card, McCreary County shows a 95.5% combined four and five year combined graduation rate.  According to the report card, the District has a student enrollment of 2,756 students with 176 teachers.  Of the teachers, there are 132 females and 44 males.

Due to COVID-19, schools and districts will retain the same federal classification accountability ratings given in 2018-19.  There will be no new accountability ratings assigned to schools or school districts for 2020-21. 

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