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Troxell celebrates birthday and receives Quilt of Valor

By Eugenia Jones

During a celebration of Jesse Troxell’s 80th birthday at his home in Marshes Siding on November 10, Troxell was embraced with a hug as the Veteran’s Administration and Hospice nurses wrapped a Quilt of Valor around the spry octogenarian.    

Troxell, who served in the Army’s 82nd Airborne from 1964-1966 during the Vietnam era, was stationed in the Dominican Republic for fourteen months.  The Quilt of Valor is presented through a national organization to honor veterans touched by war as a warm gesture of love, comfort, and healing and expression of thanks to veterans for their service.

Troxell, who has five children and numerous grand and great grandchildren, was married for forty-nine years to his late wife, Hazel.  Upon returning from military service to his country, Troxell worked in the coal mines and sawmills and spent approximately thirty years working in the mines.  He worked for both the Stearns Company and Blue Diamond.  Troxell is a deacon at Lower Wolf Creek Baptist Church and still enjoys spending time in the woods and reading his Bible.

Troxell was obviously touched by receiving a Quilt of Valor.

“I don’t deserve it,” Troxell said modestly.  “But I sure do appreciate it.”

In response to one lady present at the ceremony who said she appreciated Troxell’s service because she could never have made it in the military, Troxell offered the following words of wisdom.

“Don’t ever feel bad if you weren’t in the service,” Troxell said graciously.  “We all have a part to do in helping our nation.  It takes all of us.  God blesses us and gives us different gifts to use.  He also gives us the strength to do our part.” 

Troxell chuckled when asked to share the secret to a long and active life.

“Take care of yourself and eat everything in front of you!”

Photos by Eugenia Jones

Eighty year old Veteran Jesse Troxell received a Veteran’s Quilt of Valor on his birthday.  He is pictured with his children (left to right) Sue, April, Nickie, and Roger. Below: Veteran Jesse Troxell is pictured with his Marine grandson, Billy Bills.

Photo by Eugenia Jones Troxell was embraced with a hug as his Hospice nurses, Phoebia and Rebecca, wrapped a Quilt of Valor around him.

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