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Grateful for “small” blessings

By Eugenia Jones

Dora West has been in a wheelchair for forty-three years-ever since she was 24 years old.  Dora resignedly says that pushing yourself for 24 years plus getting older makes your arms get weak.  Having an unpaved drop off from the paved road in front of her house didn’t make things any easier as she wheeled herself in and out to get mail and do other errands.  

“It was hard to push through that drop-off,” 67 year old Dora said.  “And it caused the wheels of my chair go flat.” 

Learning about Dora’s plight, County Road Supervisor Tony Kidd set to work ensuring the drop-off from the road was filled in to make Dora’s wheelchair maneuvering just a little bit easier.

For Dora, the simple blessing of a bit of pavement makes a huge difference in her life.

“It’s a big help,” Dora exclaimed.  “Filling that spot up has made it so much easier on my arms.  I appreciate it so much!”

As for the County Road Department, they are happy to have helped make Dora’s daily life a little bit easier.

“Anytime we can help somebody, it’s a good feeling and a blessing for us,” Kidd commented.  “The guys were tickled to do it.”  

“My lil Ellie was definitely a “small” blessing at a time I needed it most and made the biggest difference over the most trying time of my life.”      

Tammie Nazario

“We will celebrate our first Thanksgiving with Pinkie-Dave’s new kidney. Folks take life for granted daily but we know first-hand what a big difference someone can make in a life. A kidney is small but it sustains life and it is the greatest gift we ever received from anyone.

We are grateful beyond measure.”       

Judy Trammell Brown

“February 6th our first grandchild is due, a little boy. My dad passed away in December 2018 and I still have a hard time. I truly believe this “little blessing” was hand-picked from above to be our grandson at a time that we needed a blessing the most.”  

Tonya Turner Hackler

 “I was on active duty stationed in Georgia when my mother died unexpectedly after surgery. I was the first of her three children to get back to McCreary Co. The ladies from momma’s church had us over for a wonderful home cooked meal and were so supportive even though they hardly knew us. That was the one bright spot of that whole ordeal and even today I am so grateful for their kindness and thoughtfulness while we were in shock and grieving.” 

Trish Taylor

“I am an avid customer of and forever grateful for Bradley’s coffee shop in Whitley city. I’m sure I’m not alone in my appreciation of them and the wonderful coffee they offer our community. But you see, I have an even greater appreciation now than I ever did before. We bought a new home and had been dealing with the extra expenses that usually entails, when for no real reason our k cup coffee pot quit working. When one of Bradley’s employees found out that I was in need of a new machine at home, she offered me a new Keurig that she had and wasn’t going to use. I’ll never forget that small kindness! Thanks again Sam!”                

Krystie Lynn Marcum

“The Lord’s Café- This entire county benefits from that wonderful place and the people who run it and staff it and volunteer their time. Lines of cars wrapped around Parkland on Grocery Days. All makes, models and condition served say that there is a huge need being fulfilled by them in this county. It is sad to say that the need is not fulfilled by any Government but by the Grace of God and the Good People! Our Citizens!”     

Kenneth Barclay

“I find it hard to write about any blessing in my life that I could categorize as a “small blessing.”

Every small blessing is a big blessing to me.

I am thankful everything.”    

KY Dave Gilreath

“I know we all complain about our small town at times, but I’m truly thankful to live in a community where nearly everyone knows everyone else! I’ve lived in cities where you didn’t know your next door neighbor and to be surrounded by people who know you and care about you is a tremendous blessing!”  

Krystal Patrick

“We’re getting to celebrate with my hubby Terry who recovered from a quad bypass.”   

Joyce Canada

“I lost my daughter Tracey Jones in April this year.  It has been very hard on me however I’m blessed to have Noppy Jones, my service dog and my great grandson who is now in my custody.   I’m blessed to have God in My life.  I have seven grandchildren and twelve great grandchildren and thankful for them all. God bless all this Thanksgiving and be thankful for what you have and not what you want.”   

Donald Jones

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