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Dream Big

McCreary High School graduate, Megan Tumbleson, pursues singing career

By Eugenia Jones
Although Megan Tumbleson Montenegro was born in Chattanooga, TN, she spent most of her early life growing up in McCreary County- working at the former IGA in Whitley City when she was a teen-ager and graduating from McCreary Central High School.  At eighteen years old, Megan moved away to pursue other opportunities, and today, using the name “Cammy” for her modeling and entertainment career pursuits, Megan is finding success as she recently released her single, “Rodeo,” and is putting time and effort into the upcoming release of her EP, “With Love, Cammy.”  Megan’s (or Cammy’s) single can be found on all streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Tik Tok, Instagram, etc.
When asked how she came to be known as “Cammy,” Megan explained.
“I got the name, Cammy, because a lot of people say I remind them of Cammy White from “Street Fighter” because I have blonde hair and often wear it in braids,” Megan shared.  “It just kind of stuck, and I used it as my modeling name.  Now, I’ve kept it as my entertainment name, in general.”
Ever since she was a child, Megan has been drawn to music.
“When I was younger, I would sing and dream of singing as a career,” Megan recalled.  “I participated in choir throughout elementary school.  In my teen years, I recorded professionally with other local talent.  After that, I became shy and took a break from singing.  The break gave me the time I needed to grow into myself and gain the confidence I needed in order to pursue my passion for being an artist.”
Megan spent nine of her approximate ten year hiatus from music serving her country in the military.
“I’m very thankful for my military career,” she noted.
Megan refocused on her music just recently in July 2021.
“It has actually been in the last few months that I’ve refocused heavily on my passions for singing and creating art through music,” Megan said.  “I recently opened for a popular rap artist, Tay Money, in Atlanta, Georgia.  That was really exciting for me.  It was a pleasure to work with her because she is so inspirational and down-to-earth.”
Megan has also been involved in modeling and has done some acting on small projects and on the television show, “Nashville.”
“I would like to pursue acting more,” she declared.  “I’m just waiting on the right opportunity!”
Megan’s musical style is definitely R & B.
“I love the vibes of R & B music,” Megan professed.  “My musical influences are Summer Walker, Miguel, Mariah Carey, Genuwine, and Ariana Grande.  I’ve always loved Salt-N-Pepa, so I listen to them to get me hyped up before singing.  My favorite artists would definitely have to be Giveon, Chris Brown, Drak Latto, Ye Ali.”
Megan is excited about the coming release of her EP, “With Love, Cammy.”
“Doing this project has brought about a whirlwind of emotions,” Megan shared.  “I have a couple of really deep songs on there where I had to basically open old wounds to pour into my music.  I think listeners will be very surprised and relate to the entire project.”
Megan is passionate about humanitarianism and protecting planet Earth.
“I believe that human suffering should be addressed regardless of where it is found, and it should be mitigated immediately without being driven by political motives,” Megan declared firmly.  “Like, just be a good human being to other human beings. Also, we only have one planet.  I’m passionate about protecting Mother Nature-the Earth and all of her inhabitants.”
Megan has one son she adores and enjoys taking him on trips (especially Disney World), hiking, swimming, and basically “just enjoying time with each other.”
Megan still has several family members who live in McCreary County, but with her hectic schedule she doesn’t get to visit much.
“My dad usually comes to visit me in Georgia,” Megan noted.
For Megan, Kentucky will always be home.
“I prefer living near a city and beach, but the mountains will have a piece of me forever,” Megan said softly.  “Sometimes, I miss small town life because everyone is so close knit there.  I miss going swimming at Rock Creek in the summers, cruising with my friends, and the bonfires.  When I do get to visit, I spend time with my friends and enjoy hiking.  I love all of the values and morals that my hometown roots instilled in me before I ventured off into the world.”
Megan encourages everyone to dream big.
“Never think your dreams are too big,” she advised.  “They are never too big!  You can achieve them with hard work and dedication.  Set a goal, with smaller goals along the way, and keep at them.  Tiny steps make big progress over time.”

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