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With hearts full of love

Texas couple “adopts” a McCreary County family for Christmas

Photo by Eugenia Jones

Debra Sierens was happy to help a Texas couple “adopt” a McCreary County family for Christmas.

By Eugenia Jones

Seventy-five year old Phyllis and eighty-one year old J. B. Taylor have a passion for giving to others-so much passion that the elderly couple extend their kindness to those who live hundreds of miles away from their home in Kerrville, Texas.  This year, the couple’s kindness reaches all the way to McCreary County where the Texas couple have “adopted” a local family with whom they will share the spirit of Christmas.

Each Christmas, the Taylors make an effort to find families in need at Christmastime.

“We give locally here in Texas throughout the year, but at Christmas I make an effort to find families who live in the poorest counties in different states who need a little extra boost,” Phyllis said.  “My intention is to adopt families for Christmas.  I choose different states where there might be a need and then look on the internet for some of the poorest areas.  Then, I contact the Sheriffs’ offices.  When I contacted the McCreary Sheriff’s office, they gave us the names of several churches.  I googled and got contact information for the Catholic church in Whitley City and contacted them.  That’s how I met Debra Sierens.”

Sierens went to work and quickly paired the Taylors from Texas with a deserving family in McCreary County.

“I was shocked when I got the call from Phyllis,” Sierens commented.  “It’s amazing how much she wants to do for this family.”

After learning the McCreary County family has three children, Phyllis went to work.

“I want the children to have a happy Christmas,” Phyllis said.

It wasn’t long before Sierens in Whitley City began receiving gifts for McCreary County’s adopted family.

“The family will be getting toys, clothing, craft kits, games, diapers, and gift cards from the Taylors in Texas,” Sierens observed.

Phyllis said her husband is an active partner and strong supporter of her charitable efforts.

“My sweet husband saw I had a heart for hurting people,” Phyllis shared.  “He’s behind me all the way.  We’ve been so blessed.  We want to be a blessing to others.”

Last year, the Taylors reached out to families in Georgia and Alabama.  This year, families in Kentucky, Missouri, and West Virginia will be impacted by the couple’s generous hearts.

“We live in a hurting world, right now,” Phyllis observed.  “If I can do anything to lighten the load for someone, I want to do it.  That is why we are here.  Agape love is true love, and God showed us that when he gave us his Son.  I once saw a sign at a church that read, ‘You can give without loving, but you can’t love without giving.’  There’s truth in that.”

Not surprisingly, Christmas is Phyllis’ favorite holiday.

“Christmas symbolizes hope-hope in Jesus,” she said.  “Jesus is the reason for the season.  God has been so good to us.  If you don’t believe in miracles, you won’t get along with me because my life has been full of miracles.”

Phyllis hopes her giving spirit will inspire and bring hope to others.

“I tell people to never give up,” Phyllis imparted.  “God is good all of the time, and He has a plan for us.  After all, He gave us the ultimate gift of His Son.  In the long run, believing in God and His Son and realizing Jesus is coming back are the only things we need.”

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