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A Call for Help McCreary County Sheriff’s Office assists in pursuit

By Eugenia Jones

A call to McCreary County 911 from Scott County, TN 911 requesting Kentucky law enforcement assistance for Scott County units chasing a Tennessee vehicle into Kentucky resulted in McCreary County Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron Tucker entering into the pursuit involving a red motorcycle (sports bike.)

According to McCreary County Sheriff Randy Waters, McCreary County Deputy Aaron Tucker provided assistance to Scott County law enforcement on Saturday (December 18, 2021) after the Tennessee officers began pursuit of a motorcycle in Huntsville, TN.  The attempted stop was for speeding and reckless driving after the driver of the vehicle allegedly did a wheelie as it passed an officer in Huntsville. Scott County units were still maintaining contact with the motorcycle when Deputy Tucker was able to intercept the pursuit on U.S. HWY 27 South of Cabin Creek Rd. in Stearns.  Using radar, Deputy Tucker clocked the motorcycle as it moved in the opposite direction at 137 mph in a 55 mph speed zone on a wet road.

After initiating lights and siren, turning on the vehicle, and catching up with the fleeing vehicle, Tucker saw the vehicle do a U-turn in the middle of the road.  At that time, Deputy Tucker observed a back seat passenger on the motorcycle wearing a yellow and blue helmet.  After completing the U-turn, the motorcycle allegedly traveled southbound towards the intersection of KY West 92 and U. S. HWY 27.  Before reaching the intersection, the motorcycle pulled over to the right (southbound) shoulder of the roadway.  At that point, Deputy Tucker made contact and ordered both individuals to lay on the ground with hands extended above their heads.  The driver of the vehicle was then instructed more than once to place both hands behind his back.  After both individuals complied with instructions, Scott County units arrived at the scene.  Both individuals were detained, and the operator, eighteen year old Jaden David Robert(s) of Winfield, TN was arrested and charged with nine counts including:  1. Speeding 26 MPH or > than Speed Limit 2. Reckless Driving 3. Driving Too Fast for Traffic Conditions 4.Improper Turning 5. Fleeing or Evading Police-1st Degree (Motor Vehicle) 6. Resisting Arrest 7. Wanton Endangerment-1st Degree-Police Officer 8. Wanton Endangerment-1st Degree 9. Endangering the Welfare of a Minor.  

The sixteen year old male passenger on the motorcycle reportedly was a friend of the motorcycle operator and was later released to his parents at the McCreary County Sheriff’s Office.  Deputy Tucker arrested the motorcycle operator who was then later transported and lodged in the Knox County Detention Center. 


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