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Bomb threat at courthouse

By Eugenia Jones

McCreary County Circuit Court was dismissed early and the courthouse evacuated after a McCreary County 911 dispatcher received a call on Monday at 11:36 a.m. from a male caller who threatened he was going to burn down the courthouse.

According to McCreary County Sheriff Randy Waters, his office received a call from 911 notifying him of the call and threat.  As a result, Circuit Court was dismissed early, and prisoners who were at the courthouse for court appearances were transported back to the Knox County Detention Center.  The courthouse was evacuated and placed on lockdown until a Kentucky State Police (KSP) Bomb K9 unit swept the building.  After the KSP sweep of the building produced no incendiary device, the courthouse resumed normal schedule.

In making the threat, the male caller spoke in a deep voice.

“Well, it’s over now,” the caller said to a female 911 dispatcher.  “That f****** courthouse is gonna f****** burn to the ground as soon as I blow this mother f***** up.”

McCreary Judge Executive Jimmie “Bevo” Greene said courthouse security made a visual check of the building prior to the arrival of KSP and assisted in evacuating the building.

“This came as a total surprise,” Greene said.

Despite the call being made from a cell phone with a disengaged number, Sheriff Waters said an investigation is ongoing.

“We have a good idea who it was that made the call,” Sheriff Waters said.  “Hopefully, we can finalize our investigation and further action can be taken against the individual responsible for this.”

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