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Energy Insurance Inc DBA Crabtree-Wilson Insurance Agency receives award

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company recently presented the Spirit of the Silver Lining Award to Crabtree-Wilson Insurance Agency for their ongoing support of McCreary County Heritage Foundation. Additionally, West Bend donated $2,000 to McCreary County Heritage Foundation to help support upgrades and improvements to the downtown area of Stearns, especially the Museum, located at 1 Henderson Street. The Museum is in the process of changing out all windows in the Museum while keeping the Historic look of the building. The cost of the window replacement project alone is approximately $20,000. It was noted that repairs and remodeling to century old buildings are very expensive, especially if you are trying to keep the Historical authenticity of the structure.

Buddy Wilson, President of Crabtree Wilson stated that, “ Crabtree Wilson’s owners and staff have strongly supported McCreary County Heritage Foundation since before 2000, with both donations of funds and employee’s time.” “Our staff participates heavily in the annual Polar Express experience. This year alone (2021) CWI staff donated over 300 hours in support of various productions. “

“At West Bend, we have a proud tradition of giving back to the communities in which we do business,” said Kevin Steiner, president and CEO of West Bend Mutual Insurance. “The Spirit of the Silver Lining Award is a unique program that allows us to express our gratitude to our agent partners on whom we rely to identify the causes that matter most in our communities.”

Since 2006, West Bend has awarded nearly $2 million in grants, including $215,000 in 2021. These grants are used for sustaining support, special projects, or capital projects by nonprofit organizations representing a broad field of interests including, but not limited to, arts and culture; education; the environment; family, youth, and elderly; health and human services; medical research; and community development.

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