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A few words with County’s new State Senator

By Eugenia Jones

With McCreary County redistricting into Kentucky’s Senate District 25, The Voice conducted a quick interview last week with our new state senator, Senate President Robert Stivers.  Senator Stivers replaces Senator Max Wise through redistricting.  The District 25 Senate seat will be up for vote through election in 2024.  Senator Stivers has served in the Kentucky Senate since 1997 and has served as Senate President since 2013.

Senator Stivers, who is from Manchester in Clay County, is married to Regina Stivers, and the two have a blended family of seven children and nine grandchildren with a tenth grandchild on the way.  The sixty year old senator has a son who, at times, has worked in McCreary County through East Kentucky Power. 

Senator Stivers is not a stranger to McCreary County.

“I’ve been to McCreary County many times over the years,” Stivers said.  “I’ve had interactions through baseball and basketball, rafted down the Big South Fork in my younger days, and hiked in through the McCreary County side to Chariet Creek lodge.  I’ve always enjoyed being in and around the Big South Fork.”

“I’ve also been to Stearns,” Stivers noted.  “My dad and Bob Gable were friends.  We were there last Christmas to ride the Polar Express with our grandchildren.  I’ve had some good interaction in McCreary County.”

Senator Stivers believes elected officials should be accessible. 

“I really won’t have the opportunity to get to McCreary County while the legislature is still in session,” Stivers shared.  “But when this session is over, I’ll be there.  It’s important to meet the citizens we represent, and I want to be accessible.”

Senator Stivers touched on a few issues of importance to McCreary County.

“One priority is to be certain KY HWY 92 is completed,” Stivers declared.

He also shared his views about tourism development. 

“When it comes to tourism, people tend to think of it as a local issue instead of a regional issue.  I think we need to think regionally and tie together a full range of events.  We have to differentiate the end product so tourists know what McCreary County has to offer.”

Senator Stivers’ vision of economic development is the same throughout his district.

“I want to create education with economic opportunities,” Stivers said.  “None of my children got jobs in Clay County.  We need to work on creating educational experiences and providing opportunities for our young people to work in their home communities if they wish while, at the same time, providing an educational background that allows them to find work elsewhere.”

To help create local economic opportunities, Stivers said it will be important for him to learn about local talent and examine the labor pool in McCreary County.

Stivers is eager to learn more about McCreary County and looks forward to visiting the County again in the near future.

“I’m very straight up and candid,” Senator Stivers said.  “I feel I have a good working knowledge of McCreary County, but I still need to learn more.  I want to reach out to local officials and citizenry to get an even better understanding of the county.  I’ve still got things to learn.”

Residents with concerns, questions, or comments can contact Senator Stivers by phone at 502-564-3120 or by email at

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