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Masking and quarantine guidelines change for local schools

Board member Lori Foster appointed to screening committee

By Eugenia Jones

The McCreary County Board of Education met in regular session on February 28, 2022 and approved an amended COVID Operations Plan for the school district which effectively steers the district away from handling COVID-19 as a pandemic.  Instead, the amended plan outlines procedures dealing with COVID as an ongoing endemic-much like flu season.

Noting that district personnel worked with local/state data, Health Department officials, Kentucky Department of Education, Kentucky Public Health, and others to revise the plan, Superintendent Corey Keith presented key changes in the plan to board members.

Although the amended plan remains subject to change if circumstances change, the most notable amendments involve masking and the quarantine of close contacts.  

Under the amended plan, the wearing of face coverings (masking) is optional from this point forward in all school environments.  Individuals may wear masks if they choose but are not required to do so. 

Although schools will continue to communicate with parents of students considered close contacts, the school system will no longer impose quarantines for close contacts at school.  The “Test to Stay” program will continue as will the maximization of space between students when possible and practical.  Some COVID 19 related signage in the schools will removed.

In other business, the Board of Education approved several items deemed “actions by consent.”  Actions by consent included the following:

-Approved the McCreary County School District 2022/2023 school calendar.  The calendar reflects August 11 as the first day of school for students.

-Approved a field trip for McCreary Central HOSA to attend state competition.

-Approved the Comprehensive District Improvement Plan.

-Approved tentative SBDM allocation for 2022/2023.

Board Chairperson Braxton King appointed Board Member Lori Foster to serve on the Superintendent Screening Committee.  The McCreary County School District is now in the midst of a superintendent search since the current superintendent, Corey Keith, is retiring in June.  Foster has previously served on a superintendent search screening committee.

The next meeting of the McCreary County Board of Education will be Monday, March 28, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. at the Central Office in Stearns.

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