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McCreary County’s Princess 

McCreary County’s Princess Falls featured as part of regional tourism advertising campaign

By Eugenia Jones

If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, a new billboard at the intersection of U. S. HWY 27 and Williamsburg Street in Whitley City speaks volumes about the natural beauty of McCreary County as part of the new regional tourism initiative dubbed The Kentucky Highlands.  The billboard, which features a spectacular image of McCreary County’s Princess Falls as it was captured by McCreary County photographer, Greg Davis, is one of several regional billboards promoting tourism throughout The Kentucky Wildlands, a 41 county area in southern and eastern Kentucky.  The area is being promoted as a tourism destination filled with natural beauty, rich culture, and boundless adventures with the goal of enhancing the region’s quality of life and economy.

“Over the past eight years, I’ve taken literally thousands of photos of the incredible, natural scenic beauty to be found within McCreary County and have shared them across various websites and social media platforms,” Davis said.  “Always with the hope that as folks from around the region see them that it will inspire them to visit and spend time in our woods and along our streams.”

Davis shares his photography with The Kentucky Wildlands for use in social media, as well as print and digital ads.  He also volunteers on a team to identify accessible waterfalls across the region so they can marketed as a waterfall trail.

To see more of Davis’ photography, visit @gregs_imagez on Instagram.

To learn more about The Kentucky Wildlands and see photos of waterfalls across the region, visit

If seeing the billboard gives you the urge to visit Princess Falls, plan on a moderate hike.  For directions, as well as ideas for other great hikes in McCreary County, check out the blog:  You can also contact McCreary County Tourism at 606-376-3008

Photo by Eugenia Jones

Visitors and residents are being targeted by a new Kentucky Wildlands tourism billboard in Whitley City.  The billboard went up last week and promotes Princess Falls as a destination venue for those visiting in the Kentucky Wildlands.

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