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Rising fuel costs impact local garbage service

By Eugenia Jones

In addition to the negative impact of rising fuel costs on daily transportation and food prices, McCreary Countians can now add another item to the growing list of things impacted by soaring diesel prices-an increase in the cost of weekly garbage pick-up service.

Scott Solid Waste Disposal Company in Oneida, TN notified McCreary County Judge Executive Jimmie W. Greene earlier this week about their addition of a fuel surcharge to residential and commercial customers in McCreary County.

According to an email received by Judge Greene, residential customers will see an additional $2.10 surcharge per quarter while commercial customers will notice a 5% surcharge per quarter.  The surcharge is due to the continued rising cost of fuel and other related items.  Implementation of the fuel surcharge is outlined and documented in the company’s current franchise agreement with McCreary County.

According to the email, the trigger point for the surcharge in McCreary County was $3.50 per gallon.  The current price in Kentucky is $4.90.

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