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Free falling

Law enforcement looking for man who fell through ceiling and flooded two apartments.

By Eugenia Jones

Local law enforcement officials are on the lookout for an individual identified as Corey Gregory in connection with a 911 call earlier this week concerning Gregory and an alleged emergency protection order (EPO) violation.

McCreary County Sheriff Randy Waters and Deputy Stuart Bryant responded to the call and arrived at an apartment located on Wilburn K. Ross HWY.  Hearing someone in the apartment, the officers entered but were unable to locate Gregory.  After noticing insulation scattered on top of a clothes dryer, Sheriff Waters deduced that someone had climbed up into the attic.  Sheriff Waters climbed into the attic, found Gregory’s cell phone, and saw footprints leading around to the other side of the attic.  Sheriff Waters realized both he and the suspect would fall through the sheet rock of the ceiling of the apartments if a scuffle ensued.  To prevent damage and injury, Sheriff Waters went back down from the attic to wait out the suspect.

Subsequently, the individual in the attic fell through the sheet rock of the ceiling of an adjacent apartment and landed on a hot water heater, breaking the cold and hot water lines.  As a result, that apartment and the apartment beneath it flooded.  Witnesses stated they thought the male suspect jumped from the balcony of an apartment and ran into the woods. 

Gregory has outstanding warrants from prior incidents.  If anyone has information concerning his whereabouts, they are asked to contact the McCreary County Sheriff’s Office at 376-2322 or 911 dispatch.

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