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Board of Education chooses Dr. John Gunn as superintendent

During their regular meeting on Monday (May 23, 2022), the McCreary County Board of Education authorized Board Chairperson Braxton King and Board Member Johnny Barnett to work with the Board Attorney to negotiate a contract with Dr. John Gunn to become the next McCreary County School District Superintendent. If negotiated, Dr. Gunn’s contract will begin July 1, 2022 as he replaces the retiring superintendent, Corey Keith.

Acting on a motion made by Chairperson King with a second by Board Member Lori Foster, board members voted 4 to 1 in favor of negotiating a contract with Dr. Gunn to fill the position of superintendent.  Board Member Johnny Barnett cast the sole “nay” vote.

Board Chairperson King pointed to Gunn’s experience as an asset.

“I’m excited to have Dr. Gunn with his wealth of experience as our next superintendent,” King remarked.

Board member Johnny Barnett, in casting the lone “nay” vote, said he would have preferred one of the two local applicants.

“Most of Dr. Gunn’s experience has been in North Carolina and Tennessee, and he has moved around a lot,” Barnett commented.  “I want an experienced applicant from here who already knows the system.  I want our kids to have the example of someone from here working their way up to the top position.”

Board member Lori Foster noted Dr. Gunn’s track record was a key factor in her decision to support him as the future superintendent.

“Dr. Gunn has more than thirty admirable years as an educator,” Foster shared.  “He has instructional experience at all levels and extensive experience in educational administration.  Dr. Gunn has a track record of fostering academic excellence and growth.  Above all, Dr. Gunn is passionate about ensuring that all children receive the best education possible and graduate with the tools needed to be college or career ready.  We’re very excited to welcome Dr. Gunn and his family into our community and our schools.” 

Dr. Gunn, who served as principal of Hopkinsville High School in Christian County, KY over the past four years, will move to the McCreary County School District as a career educator with approximately 37 years of classroom, building, and Central Office experience.  He has served in both traditional and non-traditional school settings.  Prior to his experience in Hopkinsville, Dr. Gunn served as Associate Director (Superintendent) of Schools for Lawrence County Schools in Lawrenceburg, TN.  His experiences include starting a full-fledged alternative school, New Directions Academy, in Dickson County, TN which housed the district’s special education behavior classes and starting a GED and Adult High School for 17 year olds deficient in credits. 

Dr. Gunn, who is married with seven children ranging in ages from 1 to 31 years in age, plans to move to McCreary County and has already looked at property listings.  He noted the natural beauty of McCreary County.

“I’ve spent some time driving around McCreary County, and it is certainly beautiful,” Dr. Gunn observed.  “Beautiful rivers, streams, and scenic vistas.  I’m very excited to get over here!”

Dr. Gunn’s first goal as Superintendent will be to immerse himself in the community.

“First, I want to get to know everybody,” Dr. Gunn said.  “I want to introduce myself to principals, teachers, and the community so I can get to know the people.  I plan to be very visible and fulfill an ambassadorial role which is very important.”

Photo Courtesy of WKDZ 106.5 FM Radio

Dr. John Gunn is entering contract negotiations to become the next superintendent of the McCreary County School District.  Dr. Gunn is a career educator with 37 years of experience and is currently principal of Hopkinsville High School.

Board calls special meeting

The McCreary County Board of Education will meet in special session on Thursday, May 26, 2022 at 7:00 to discuss and/or take any/all action necessary regarding the 2022/23 salary schedule and budget.  The special session was called after the question arose during Monday night’s regular meeting concerning the long-term sustainability of a proposed 3% raise for certified teachers and a $1.00 per hour raise for classified employees.  The raise for next year alone is projected to cost approximately $600,000.  Other items may also be added to the final agenda for Thursday’s special meeting.  The meeting will be held at the Central Office in Stearns.

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