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$8 million school renovation set to begin this summer

By Eugenia Jones

McCreary County Middle School’s $8 million renovation project is now undergoing the bid process with construction expected to begin in August.  Officials anticipate the renovation will be completed by the start of the ‘23/24 school year.  Construction will not delay the start of school, and classroom instruction will carry on throughout the 22/23 school year as planned.   Once completed, the project will be completely paid for through ESSER funds (COVID-19 related) secured by the McCreary County School District.

According to Derek Phillips from the contracted architect firm, Deco Architect, the project involves the addition of four new science classrooms, new restrooms, a new art classroom, and a general use classroom.  It will repurpose the existing cafeteria, which is currently undersized, into a space for the band, and will provide a new cafeteria space near the center of the building for ease of use. 

Of special interest to those accustomed to battling congested traffic during afternoon school release, the project also works to reduce traffic pressures with the introduction of a new parent pick-up lane that will loop around the building.  Additional considerations include a revamped electrical and fire alarm system, new windows, and doors, new bleachers, and other light pragmatic improvements throughout the building. 

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