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Chasing His Dream

McCreary County teacher publishes first novel

By Eugenia Jones

A McCreary County special education teacher is thrilled to see his first novel, The Twelfth Precinct, in print.  Mark Hargis, who currently lives in Monticello, describes his novel as a crime/drama fiction story featuring three lovable main characters.

“There is some crime of course,” Hargis noted.  “But there is a lot of drama, some silly humor, and some touching moments of sadness.”

With his first novel already in print through Amazon, Hargis is busy doing book signings and working on his second novel.  He has also written two short stories, “Bluegrass Christmas,” and “Halloween Party.”  His third short story, “Summer Love in Kentucky,” was just recently released.

““Summer Love in Kentucky” is a sequel to “Bluegrass Christmas,” Hargis said.  “In my short stories, I promote regional small businesses.  My characters visit places and give good reviews.”

Hargis shared his life-long desire to write.

“I have wanted to write since I was a child but always quit after a few hundred or thousand words,” Hargis explained.  “I just couldn’t get out what I wanted.  I’m not great with words and always had low self-confidence and self-esteem.”

The idea for Hargis’ first novel came to him about five years ago.  He kept building on that idea, writing more and more, until he actually finished the novel.  However, Hargis then waited two more years before gaining enough confidence to release his book.

“I look back and still can’t believe I wrote that many words,” Hargis said with a grin.  “We went on a field trip from school to the McCreary County Public Library, and I asked them if I could do a book signing and leave a copy of my book at the library.  I was so excited!  The McCreary County Public Library gave me my first start, and I will always be grateful to them.”

Hargis, whose favorite writer is James Patterson, does his best writing after 10 p.m. when all is quiet.

“Although, I occasionally listen to music while writing,” Hargis observed.  “I really don’t have a process for writing.  Something pops in my head, and I jot down notes or get out my laptop.  At one time, I wrote on legal pads, but now I usually prefer going straight to the laptop.  It’s easier to correct and much faster!”

Hargis plans to write as many books as possible in the future, and shares his dream of one of his novels being used for a movie.

“I was so shy in school and throughout following years,” Hargis reflected.  “I feel this is my time to shine-in my older years.  I want to work hard to achieve my goals and dreams.  I want to be as successful as possible.  I’m chasing my dream and determined to never quit.  I’m finally building my self-confidence and refusing to let negativity get in the way!”

Hargis’ books are published through Amazon and can be purchased there as well.  Books can also be purchased directly from Hargis.  Fans can follow Hargis through Facebook and Instagram.

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