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Two eighteen year olds arrested after high speed pursuit

Radar locks speed at 145 mph

By Eugenia Jones

Connor James Anderson
Jaylin Troxell

Just a few weeks after their McCreary Central High School graduations, two McCreary County eighteen year olds allegedly led Kentucky and Tennessee law enforcement officers in a high speed pursuit after McCreary County Deputy Greg Chaney locked his speed radar at 145 mph on a vehicle that was passing another vehicle approximately one mile north of the US 27 and KY2792 intersection in Pine Knot.

McCreary County Sheriff Randy Waters reports that in the early morning hours of June 15, 2022, Deputy Chaney began pursuit of a 2013 red Ford Mustang after locking the high rate of speed.  While in pursuit with siren and blue lights activated, Deputy Chaney observed the vehicle passing other motorists, including passing one southbound motorist on the southbound shoulder just south of the Dollar General Store in Strunk, KY.  The pursued vehicle then pulled over just north of the KY/TN state line.  Deputy Chaney pulled over as well and was exiting his vehicle for a traffic stop when the Mustang pulled out, spinning tires, and away from the traffic stop.  Deputy Chaney once again pursued the vehicle, crossing into Tennessee at speeds of 100 plus.  Deputy Chaney followed the vehicle until Tennessee officers could take over.  While going through Winfield, the Mustang ran a southbound red light, entering the southbound lane of a bridge under construction (with one lane closed) as a tractor and trailer was proceeding north.  The vehicle then entered the closed lane of the bridge.  After crossing the bridge, Deputy Chaney and the Mustang met responding Tennessee officers.  At that point, the Mustang pulled to the shoulder to do a U-turn back north.  Deputy Chaney attempted to block the highway with his cruiser; however, the Mustang rammed Deputy Chaney’s marked cruiser (with emergency equipment activated) and hit a guardrail during its escape.  Tennessee officers pursued the Mustang back into Kentucky where McCreary County Sheriff Randy Waters and Deputy Alex Jones responded to the scene.  The offending vehicle led officers down KY 742 Mine 18 Road where officers lost contact.  Sheriff Waters and Deputy Jones were able to locate the red Mustang on Bear Creek Road.  As officers approached the vehicle, the operator exited the vehicle and fled on foot into a wooded area.  After a short foot pursuit, Deputy Alex Jones was able to apprehend the driver.  

A male passenger in the vehicle was found hiding beside the car.  The male stated he had been drinking.

Both males were transported to the McCreary County Sheriff’s Office for processing.

As a result of the incident, Connor James Anderson of Stearns, KY was charged with the alleged offenses of:  (1) Speeding 26 MPH or Greater Than Speed Limit   (2)  Reckless Driving  (3)  Fleeing or Evading Police 1st Degree (Motor Vehicle)  (4) Careless Driving  (5)  Wanton Endangerment-1st Degree-Police Officer  (6) Wanton Endangerment-1st Degree  (7)  Improper Passing  (8) Inadequate Silencer (Muffler)  (9)  Improper Start from Parked Position  (10) Intermediate Licensing Violations  (11)  Operating Motor Vehicle Under Influence < 21 YOA  .02-.07 (12)  Fleeing or Evading Police, 1st Degree (On Foot)  (13)  Resisting Arrest  (14)  Menacing  (15)  Failure to Produce Insurance Card  (16) No Registration Receipt.

Eighteen year old Jaylin Troxell of Stearns, KY was charged with the alleged offense of Alcohol Intoxication in a Public Place (1st and 2nd offense.) 

Both individuals were transported to and lodged at the Knox County Detention Center. 


Deputy Greg Chaney’s cruiser was rammed by the fleeing vehicle.

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