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School threat results in quick arrest

McCreary County Sheriff Randy
Waters reports that a variety of law
enforcement agencies, including
the Federal Bureau of Investigation
(FBI), worked together as a team
to quickly make an arrest after administrators
at McCreary Central
High School were made aware of
a post stating “School Shooting
@ 10” appeared on the cell phone
app, Yik Yak. McCreary Central
High School Principal Sharon
Ross-Privett notified Deputy Greg
Chaney of the McCreary County
Sheriff’s Office, who is currently
working at McCreary Central High
School through the Safe Schools detail. The Safe Schools detail is an
agreement between the McCreary
County Sheriff’s Office and
McCreary County Board of Education
allowing the Sheriff’s Office to
provide deputies as needed to fill
vacant SRO positions to ensure the
safety of students and staff. Immediately,
Deputy Chaney and school
administrators placed McCreary
Central High School and McCreary
County Middle on lockdown, securing
all students and staff.
Deputy Chaney requested assistance
through Kentucky State
Police (KSP) and the McCreary
County Sheriff’s Office. KSP
Trooper David Reed, KSP Detective
Parmley, McCreary County
Sheriff Randy Waters, and Deputy
Tom Smith responded to the scene.
After completion of a walk-through
of the building to clear the building
of any potential harm and to determine
safety, students and staff were
released from lock down at approximately
10:10 a.m.
During the investigation,
McCreary County Sheriff Randy
Waters coordinated with the FBI
and Kentucky State Police Intel
Division to locate and identify the
source of the post made on the
social media platform. KSP then
linked the number to an 18 year-old
student, Aaron Obediah Trammell.
Reportedly, Trammell admitted to
making the post because of a dare from some
of his
f r i e n d s .
he did not
mean any
harm and
later removed

Trammell consented
to a law enforcement search
of his person, backpack, and
vehicle. No weapons were
Trammell was arrested and
initially charged with Terroristic
Threatening, 2nd degree.
Threats against schools
are considered federal offenses.
Trammell was taken
to the McCreary County
Sheriff’s Office for processing
and later transported and
lodged at the Knox CountyDetention Center.
Sheriff Randy Waters expressed
his appreciation and
commended local, state and
federal agencies for working
together with school
administrators to ensure the
safety of students.

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