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Brain Teasers

Summer is drawing to a close but one remembers the joys of the season. The future is watching you right now through memories of these glorious days. There are important discoveries to be made. We are given so much time on this earth so waste it wisely. Below is how I squander some of mine.

Everything swims: animals, birds, fish, insects, and people. Look around, did you notice that if you take the word ‘swims’ then reverse the letters and turn them upside down you still have the word ‘swims.’

I was polishing my kitchen counter and discovered as I clean the surface I was getting my cleaning rag dirty.

Went to the doctor to get new glasses so I can read the World Almanac. Makes you wonder if animals need glasses, but how would you know?

Saw a set of twins walking down the street. Do you think one suffers from a complex because it was unplanned? Do they know the which one was an accident?

Playing ball with Bobbie (my dog), in the orchard. He will bring it back after a good long trip through the trees. Does he return it because he thinks I enjoy throwing it?

Time does make a difference. One hundred years ago everyone owned a horse, but only a few of the wealthy had cars. Today everyone has at least one car but very few can afford to keep horses.

If you are out fishing and rip a hole in your dip net you now have fewer holes in the net but it still works.

Expiration dates are printed on products. If you purchase a poison and keep it after its expiry date, is it more poisonous or is it no longer poisonous?

Then it may be oxygen in the air that is slowly killing you? It works slowly but takes 65-90 years to really work efficiently?

Spelling words will drive you up the wall. Take the word ‘scent’, you know the smelly kind. Which letter is silent – the ‘S’ or the ‘C’?

Playing games with letters is fun. The first paragraph of a news article should answer these questions: Why, When, and Where. If you change the ‘Ws’ to ‘Ts’, you will have the answers.

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